Monsters and magic!

New Readers

Welcome to Monster Days, where confusion and monsters abound. But hopefully, confusion will be less of a constant for Emma soon... nah. 


Warning: Spoilers!



Emma wandered into a small shop, and her life changed forever when she saw Jane and Eli fighting... in monster form. Now, she's found out that she's a vampire, and she has to figure out what that means. 



Eli is the only son of the magic shop's owners, his parents, so he's always a bit stressed. This stress increases tenfold when Emma wanders in to the shop and discovers the world of monsters. He doesn't always know how to fix things, but he's always willing to try.



Jane is one of Emma's classmate, and in reality, a werewolf. She also has a familiar named Kinnari. Her own story is a bit muddled, but she's always excited and ready to learn new things, except maybe how to work a cell phone.

Kinnari is Jane's familiar, and almost always around her. He seems to know more than anyone in the shop, even if no one knows what exactly he is. He's the cool head in most situations, and always willing to teach. However, he has suprises of his own.