Monsters and magic!


Sketch compilation

by differentjasper

Hey, it's a little late but it's here!! It's cramped, it's desaturated for pencils, it's a sketch compilation! Photoshop's polygonal lasso tool is great for this stuff. 

On the left, we have some sticker ideas. On the rest, silly doodles designed to make you wonder about future plotlines! (And keep me from dying of boredom in class) Enjoy! :D

I'm back!

by differentjasper

A few weeks late, but I'd like to officially announce that I'm back! Next week is going to be references, because I had to redesign the characters half way through, but I hope that my continued updates make up for it :)

Holiday Hiatus

by differentjasper

I hate to put this comic back on hiatus so soon, but I haven't updated in two weeks and Christmas and New Years is coming up fast! So, for now, I have to put the comic into hiatus for the holidays. I will be back though, and I'll have a special double update when I do! (And don't worry, I won't let January close out without SOMETHING!)

Happy Holidays!

Now off hiatus!

by differentjasper

Hey, guess what? I'm out of my slump!! Despite this being a sad day in America, somehow I've got more motivation than ever to make my comic. Hopefully, I can stay on track this time. :)


by differentjasper

Hi! I'm so sorry about this, but the latest comic has been fightng me EVERY STEP OF THE WAY. So, yeah, I'm going on hiatus until I can grab my life by the horns again.

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope to give you more story as we go! :D (When I get back at least)


by differentjasper

I seem to have lost my sketchbook! And this weeks comic with it. Apologies. I will soon have it up, but not this week. :/ sorry

EDIT: I found my sketchbook! The comic will be coming out this week after all! :D

New comic

by differentjasper

Hi, I'm using this site for a different comic than Mutanté Additions now. It's now a webcomic about monsters! So, stay subscribed if you're interested, unsubscribe if you're not. jsyk! :D